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We offer several different canoes and kayaks for hire for use on any of the many rivers and beautiful local lakes in western Poland. The most commonly paddled rivers, we hire canoes and kayaks for, are currently the River Warta (Warthe) and River Obra in Lubuskie, and the River Drawa in Western Pomerania. We are though able to provide canoes, kayaks and equipment for hire on any river in the west of Poland. While the most interesting and picturesque lakes for paddling are probably in and around Lubniewice or Pszczew. We have canoes, kayaks, and camping equipment ideally suited to canoe and kayak expeditions and trips.

Types of Craft available for hire:

Open canoes - Our most popular choice for visitors looking for a real expedition experience. Open canoes can be used on lakes and most stretches of the rivers in western Poland. With its large carrying capacity the open canoe is probably the best boat for exploring well off the beaten track, longer canoe expeditions, or for family river and lake outings. We have four distinct types of open canoe available for hire. Our Canadian-style open canoes are ideally suited to river and/or lake expeditions in our part of Poland. 

Old Town Discovery Canadian Canoe (twin seater)

The classic American-made Open Canadian Canoe! The Old Town Discovery is extremely tough, rugged and virtually unsinkable, as well as being stable and easy to handle. The SuperLink 3-layer hull construction makes it perfect for all-around use. An easy handling, river touring canoe ideal for paddling the rivers of Central Europe. Possibly the ultimate expedition craft. The Old Town is our Top-of-the Range hire canoe.


Old Town Discovery kanu PolenOld Town Discovery Canadian Canoes - Better than Mad River and Gatz!

Weight of canoe: 36 kgs. Length of canoe: 4.8 m Width of canoe: 0.90m.


Polish 'Canadian-style' Open Canoe (up to 2 person)

one of our twin seater canoes on the river Obra between Trzciel and Skwierzyna     open canoe for hire - Polish canoe adventures, Lebus

This Polish canadian-style canoe seats two in comfort, looks very cool, and is virtually unsinkable!

Weight of canoe 30 kgs. Length of canoe 4.2m Width of canoe 0.90m  -  More photos.


Touring Kayak Canoe (up to 2 person)


Touring kayak canoes for hire in west Poland east Germany                Brio Touring Kajak Canoe 

Touring Kayak Canoes - Rugged, lightweight, French-made twin seat touring kayaks.

Professional, versatile, kayak canoes. Perfect for canoe expeditions and trips.

Weight: 33 kgs. Length: 3.9m Width: 0.83m. More pictures of our touring kayak canoes.


sit on top kajak Sit on top kayaks for rent hire in Polen


Sit-on-top Kayak. The open cockpit of the Sit-on-top Kayak allows the paddler to enter and exit the kayak easily from the river bank, dock, or water, and paddle without feeling confined. In a sit-on-top, you can safely enjoy all the pleasures of canoeing and kayaking without having to learn difficult self-rescue maneuvers. Very easy to maneuver and paddle. These kayaks are moulded with air-chambers inside. This makes them strong and sturdy, but also very nearly unsinkable. People of all ages and skill levels can feel like experts in a sit-on-top. Sit-on-top kayaks are a good choice for river expeditions on stretches of water with fallen trees and other obstacles to negotiate.


Canoe and Kayak Equipment:

Old Town Discovery Canadian Canoe (twin seater) 50 euros per day

Polish 'Canadian-style' Open Canoe (2 person) 30 euros per day

Touring Kayak Canoes (twin seat) 30 euros per day

Sit-on-top Kayak (single seat) 30 euros per day

Sit-on-top Kayak (twin seat) 40 euros per day

Standard Kayak (single seat) 20 euros per day

Canoe/kayak hire prices include paddles; buoyancy aid (life vest);

and canoe transport to and from the river and/or lake of your choosing.

Tent (2/3 person)

Basic Fishing equipment kit

Other items (2-way radios, waterproof dry bags, etc.)

Canoe delivery and pick up: Delivery of canoes to the river and pick up of canoes at the end of the hire is free of charge. You'll be provided with our mobile telephone number(s) and need only call us to arrange to be picked up.

Please remember that camping equipment for one person will not fit easily into a touring or sit-on-top kayak. For longer river and/or lake adventures it makes sense to include at least one open Canadian-type canoe in your party.


Contact us for further information.

Download a basic River Obra map showing the route of the river, lakes and nearby towns and cities.



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