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Canoe and Kayak Pictures

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Here are some links to pictures of some of the open canoes, sit-on-top and touring kayaks we hire; some of the picturesque towns and villages along some of the rivers; local lakes; and canoe trips made by some people paddling down the picturesque rivers of western Poland.

Canoe Trips and Expeditions: Family Canoe Expedition; Solo Canoe Expedition

Canoes: Canadian Canoes; Open Canoes; Inflatable Canoes; Touring Kayaks

Towns and villages: Bledzew, Lubniewice, Miedzyrzecz, Pszczew, Skwierzyna, Trzciel.

Rivers: Notec, Obra, Paklica, Warta     General: River Obra and countryside.


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Interactive Map of Poland

Download a basic River Obra map showing the route of the river, lakes and nearby towns and cities.


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