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Geocaching Poland

We at Adventure Poland love geocaching! Geocaching, also known as GPS Stash Hunting, is essentially a high-tech treasure hunt. Geocaching is a fun way to use GPS, or Global Positioning System equipment and see some of the world. We have hidden a series of boxed treasure chests or “caches” in various out-of-the-way locations and logged all their locations with a GPS unit. Our campsite guests and canoe hire customers are welcome to try and find them!

 All caches are hidden in a very picturesque part of western Poland - less than two hours drive from Berlin and Poznan; and under an hour from the smaller cities of Gorzow Wlkp and Zielona Gora. Follow the link below to get our set of GPS coordinates and clues find them. You'll only need to get here and have at your disposal a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and a spirit of adventure and exploration!


Adventure Poland Treasure Hunt

click here to start the GPS treasure hunt!



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A unique GPS treasure hunt (geocache / navicache / stash) for geocachers, explorers, wildlife lovers and adventurers.



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