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Mazury Canoeing

Mazury is known as the green lungs of Poland and it is an area of outstanding natural beauty, it is often referred to as “the land of a thousand lakes” but in reality there are around 4000 lakes, many linked by an intricate network of rivers and canals. Its extensive system of waterways makes it an ideal place to come for canoeists and sailors alike. If you don’t want to get your feet wet, hiking, angling and cycling are also popular in the region.

Situated in the northeast of Poland near the borders of Lithuania and Russia, Gizycko is at the centre of this picturesque region and is the starting point for many trails leading to Mikolajki, Ruciane Nidy and Sorkwity among many others. Whilst Gizycko is not served by any airports it is located about 160 miles from Warsaw which has regular flight exchanges from many providers. As public transport is limited the recommended way to get there is by car. Tourists are well catered for here with a large selection of cheap hotels and guest houses, so you will always be able to find a place to stay. Search the internet for a good selection of hotels and other accommodation options.


For the canoeists amongst you the Krutynia river route is the most beautiful in Poland. Beginning in Sorkwity the river flows 55 miles through various lakes, and the Pisz forest where you can sample nature in its purist form; rare birds such as eagles are often sighted by travellers. These tours tend to last between 8-11 days and are readily available in the region and include kayaks, overnight stays at marinas, hotels and meals. Alternatively if you are feeling more adventurous kayaking and camping equipment can be hired from various outfitters so you can just pitch your tent by the side of the river for the night!

A majority of the tours end in Ruciane – Nida which is one of the largest tourist bases in north eastern Poland offering a wide range of accommodation, taverns and bars. From here you can choose to continue to experience the waterways on your own or take a leisurely cruise. However if you would like to keep your feet on dry land there are idyllic hiking and cycling trails.



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