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Mountain Biking

What can beat the feeling of conquering a steep mountain then rushing back down again on a bike? Nothing. Cycling is a great way to keep fit, see the nature in its rawest form and escape from the reality of everyday life. Taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the countryside as you hurtle downhill. However many people are put off by mountain biking as they see it more as hard work or a hobby rather than an adventure holiday.

Mountain biking have evolved over the last few years and is seen more of a sport rather than a past time.  More and more people are becoming interested in it and it is easy to see why; what better way to explore the wilderness than on two wheels; leisurely covering vast expanses, visiting unspoilt villages, sampling local cuisine and soaking up the culture of a country without the need to worry about spiralling fuel costs or damaging the very environment you are there to see!

Zakopane is probably most famous for its ski resorts, however in the summer there is limited snow and its beautiful forest trails become accessible to hikers and cyclists. There are two different types of adventure available to enthusiasts; a more leisurely cycle in and around Zakopane or adrenaline-charged extreme biking through the Tatra national park.

Located around 70 miles from Krakow airport the Tatra Mountains are easily accessible by bus, train and car. Due to Krakow s growth in popularity over the last few years cheap flights are readily available all year around try Monarch or EasyJet. The scenery in the Tatras is stunning, with over 20 peaks exceeding 2000 metres and the forests full of wildlife. There are various companies offering bike tour holidays and these are very helpful as they take care of your accommodation, meals, and even airport transfers. The guides are very experienced cyclists and live in the area so they know the best routes like the back of their hands.



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