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River Obra

Interactive Map of Region

The Obra River runs through the western edge of the historical and ethnographic region of Wielkopolska (or Greater Poland) and Lubuskie (Lubusz) in the west Poland. The Obra River is a tributary of the Warta river (in Skwierzyna), and has a length of 165 kilometres. The Obra passes through and is connected to many lakes and meanders its way through historic towns such as Skwierzyna, Bledzew, Miedzyrzecz, Trzciel, Zbaszyn, and Babimost. The Obra River is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque rivers in Poland and an almost perfect stretch of water for lovers of the great outdoors, nature, wildlife, and canoeing and kayaking. Hire a canoe or kayak and paddle the River Obra or nearby River Paklica.

The Obra River in Lubuskie, Poland


The River Obar in Poland                  Fishing and canoeing on the river Obra near Trzciel, Poland


  The River Obra near Miedzyrzecz in Lubus, Polen


The Obra River       The Obra River, Lubuskie, in the west of Poland

Download a basic River Obra map showing the route of the river, lakes and nearby towns and cities. More photographs.


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