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Warta River

Interactive Map of Region

warta gorzow

The Warta (German: Warthe) is a river in western-central Poland, a tributary of the Oder river. With a length of approximately 800 kilometers it is the is the second longest river lying entirely in Poland and the country's third longest river. It is connected to the River Vistula by one of its tributaries, the river Noteć. Another notable tributary of the River Warta is the River Obra, The Warta flows out of Upper Silesia, through Greater Poland and Lubuskie (Lubusz) where it empties into the River Oder near Kostrzyn nad Odrą. The Warta River is a challenging stretch of water for lovers of the great outdoors, nature, wildlife, and canoeing and kayaking. Hire a canoe or kayak from Adventure Poland and paddle through the towns and cities of Miedzychod, Skwierzyna, Santok, Gorzow and on to the River Odra (Oder), which marks the border between Germany and Poland.

The Warta river near Miedzychod, western Poland Warta River Lubuskie Polen


The Warta River in Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland


Junior kayakers on the River Warta near Gorzow Wlkp, Lubuskie, Poland


 The River Warta and valley in Santok, Lubuskie, Polen

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