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Watersports Baltic Sea

It’s the summer holidays and you are looking for a watersports holiday that won’t break the bank.   Poland might not be one of your first thoughts; in fact you might not even think of it at all! Many people do not realise that Poland actually has a coastline; furthermore that it is one of the longest in Europe with golden sands stretching nearly 400 miles as well as some of the largest sand dunes in Europe . With temperatures averaging around 25C in the summer months it’s easy to see why the Poles come here in droves.

The most popular beaches on the Baltic coast are in the Tri-City area; the region surrounding Gdynia , Sopot and Gdansk . There are no direct flights to the area, so it is best to fly to Warsaw then catch an internal flight to Gdansk ; alternatively there are regular trains, however these take up to four hours.

The area caters for those of all ages, with Sopot probably being the most popular; it has several miles of wide beaches as well as the longest wooden pier in Europe . Whilst it is safe haven for families it is becoming increasingly popular amongst young travellers. It has a fantastic nightlife and is fast gaining the reputation of ‘Little Ibiza,’ the clubs are open all night and the drinks are very well priced.

The beaches to tend to get breezy which can be a welcome relief from the heat of the sun, but it also means that Polish coastline offers one of the best sites for sailing and windsurfing in Europe. There are a variety of other things available on the beach, cosy restaurants and bars along with many places to rent jet-skis, water-skis, kayaks and windsurfing gear.

If you have young children, then the nearby Aqua Park offers an alternative to the beach with numerous pools, slides and a "wild river". However if you wish to escape the crowds there is a foot and cycle path in southern Sopot that leads to nearby Gdansk , where there is a zoo amongst other attractions.

The Polish coastline is a beautiful area, with many watersports, beaches, and local attractions to keep you entertained.  Flights are very affordable, and with the numerous levels of accommodation available it offers a fantastic destination for summer or late holidays.



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