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White Water Rafting

Whether you are looking for an exciting activity for a family holiday or an unusual weekend getaway white water rafting is ideal.  Itís an exhilarating sport that presents challenges to even the most experienced raftsman!

When you think of white water rafting your mind conjures up images of exotic locations in the Americas or Australasia ; however the same thrills are available much closer to home without burning a hole in your pocket! Many low budget airlines provide regular flights to Krakow so why would you spend hours flying halfway around the world when similar experiences are easily reached a few hours away in Poland ?

Long heralded as the new Prague, Krakow is a fascinating city with lots to offer. With architecture dating as far back as the 14th Century, such is the beauty of this place Unesco made it a world heritage site in 1978. It is also home to the largest medieval market square in Europe, and with countless museums, galleries and over 300 bars and clubs, there is always something to do in this trendy city. Nonetheless if you do tire of this bohemian haven then a couple of hours out of town is Zakopane, where millions of people hit the slopes every year.

In easy access of Krakow lies the river Dunajec, where you can take a leisurely raft, drifting slowly through the majestic gorges of the Pieniny. This may not appeal to all however and you may prefer a dose of adrenaline riding the rivers white water rapids! The difficulty of the river varies between level 2 and 3 white water which make it perfect for novices. Companies provide everything you need for the excursion, so all you need to bring is your sense of adventure. Even though safety equipment are provided by the companies there are obvious risks involved so make sure you take out some decent insurance with a reputable travel insurance provider.

There are various companies which provide all inclusive excursions including coach travel to and from the river, however if you would prefer to drive yourself then its takes roughly two hours by car from Krakow. This depends on how flexible your arrangements are. The all inclusive excursions are popular with stag and hen holidays so if you have particularly young children it may not be advisable, however they may be beneficial if you would like to have a relaxing drink amidst breathtaking scenery.



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