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Wild Camping

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Getting right back to nature by camping and sleeping in the wild is one of the best ways to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Poland's countryside.

Customers who hire a canoe and kayak hire from us can if they so wish almost escape the 21st century for a few days while paddling and wild-camping along the wonderful River Obra in Lubuskie. Paddlers may chose to pay to camp at one of the two or three commercial campsites along the river; pitch their tent at any attractive-looking, quiet spot beside the river; or best of all set-up camp in one of the free-of-charge secluded, semi-wild-campsites situated right beside the river.

These wild-campsites are situated well away from it all and as most can only be reached easily by river their out-of-the-way locations are used by comparatively few people. Indeed, more often than not, if you chose to camp in an organised wild-camping area you'll be the only people camping there!

Using this form of semi-wilderness camping you won't have access to piped drinking water or electricity; there generally won't be any houses in sight; and there won't be any plumbed-in showers or flush toilets on site. There will be a picnic table or two, a place to build a fire, and a primitive toilet in the woods. One or two of these semi-wild camping areas even have a covered area to shelter from the rain and information boards about the wildlife in and around the camping area.

During wilderness camping, you pitch a tent in the Polish countryside and fend entirely for yourself. Provided you follow a few basic rules, nobody will come along in the middle of the night and tell you "to get off this land" - as the land on which these established wild-campsites are located is set aside as wild camping places and owned by the state-owned forestry department.

Campers making use of any form of wilderness camping area should aim to "leave no trace" of their being there after they leave.

Some important things to remember about this sort of Back-to-Nature camping:

    • Carry out everything you bring in.

    • Don't leave trash that may spoil another person's visit.

    • Build a fire only in pre-existing, established firepits. Keep your campfire small and tend to it at all times.

    • Use only firewood found on the forest floor.

    • Never cut or damage live trees.

    • Camping on the same spot harms vegetation. Aim to move frequently and do not stay for any longer than 3 nights in the same place. Move your tent to another spot!

    • Food scraps (even when buried) attract scavenging birds and animals, some of which prey on more vulnerable nesting birds. Carry all scraps of food out with you.

    • Bury human waste at least 50 metres from water sources. More.

These wild camping areas are located just over one hour's drive east of Berlin, and one hour west of Poznan in the picturesque province of Lubuskie in the far west of Poland. The area is perfect for nature lovers: rivers, lakes, cycle paths, and forests full of wildlife.


See some pictures of one of these established wild-camping areas.



Wilderness Camping Rates:


It costs absolutely nothing to camp on these special state-owned wild campsites!

Contact us for details on exactly where these super camping areas can be found.


- We can hire canoes and kayaks from March to September.
- Advice on routes, camping sites on route, and maps freely available.
- Return trip for you and kayaks/canoes by arrangement.

Advance booking is essential throughout the season. 


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Please note: A tent canít be pitched just anywhere in Poland. Every piece of Poland is owned by someone or some organisation and permission must always be obtained to camp. Wild camping on an established camping ground removes all the potential hassle, which could result by camping just anywhere.


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